Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Break - A belated report, part 1

Even though Spring Break was a month ago, I figured I'd fill everyone in on the details!
Last year, I swore that no matter what we were going to get out of this frozen tundra for spring break! (However, getting pregnant and being due in FEBRUARY, it pretty much demolishes that.) However, as bad as not getting out was going to be, the idea of being cooped up in the house with all the kids for a week, 4 weeks postpartum, was even worse. So we devised a plan.

We split everyone up, a 3 part plan. Part A of the plan was Olivia's "trip". She was to stay home with Mom, Susie, and Reed, and have a special "Shopping and Pampering trip", full of her favorite things, shopping for clothes and "manicures". (Thanks to Aunt Shauna for introducing her to nail polish...) I arranged for a sitter for Susannah for a couple of afternoons, and we took off to the Mall of America one day, and to Target and our local Korean establishment another! In between were playdates with friends that included cupcake-baking, screaming on the swingset (not sure why...), and watching "Rapunzel Barbie" (yes, it's just as painful as it sounds.)

First, a "fashion show, of our outfits from Target...

Lovely manicure! (note the flowers on the thumbs...)
The American Girl Store is like, miniature female nirvana...
Everything you could think of, even a special hook for Julie in the restroom. (Why don't they have these for REAL babies?!)
Really, how happy (and spoiled) can a girl be?
Mommy needs a coke to keep up with it all. (Note my own lovely manicure, my first ever I might note.)

I have to say we had a lovelytime, but Mommy was very, very tired after 2 1/2 days of this. (There's just no way shopping with a 4 week old is "pampering") But we made a lot of lovely memories!
Tomorrow, part 2- Jack and Spencer's California Adventure!


Carole said...

How fun for you "girls". Can't wait to hear what the boys did on their adventure!

Natalie said...

That is just sooo cute. Thank heavens for little girls!

Stef said...

That sounds like SO much fun! I'm looking forward to girl stuff!!