Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Waiting anxiously at the top of the stairs!
Susannta Claus on Christmas Eve
Look at all the loot! (who knew we were that good!)
Leaving cookies for a famished Santa...
Daddy made some indoor golf for the boys!
Olivia giving Fancy Nancy a run for her money...
Susie's first Christmas! (She likes the bows best)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Today is the first day in a long while that we have NO PLANS! (By design) I was in bed until 9:30. (With a few children rotating in and out) It is supposed to snow 7 inches. We finished Christmas shopping last night. We're going to go get a couple of groceries and a movie. This is the best day ever.

UPDATE! At approximately 10:00PM Saturday night we got a phone call that all church meetings were canceled for Sunday! We're Mormon. We're Minnesotan. That pretty much means this is nothing less than a Christmas Miracle.

Yippee! Guilt free church skipping!

Laundry Quandry

Today as I was folding a couple of loads of laundry, it occured to me that most of what I was folding was school uniforms for Jack, Spencer, and Ethan.
It next occured to me, that they have two whole weeks without school. How nice it will be to not have to wash uniforms so often!
It then occured to me that they only have 2 days worth of non-school or church clothes.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fourth of Fourth

Per Carole's reccomendation, I went to the 4th picture file on my computer, and pulled out the 4th picture in the file. It was the boys' "TP"ing Jared's office (with paper towels) on April Fool's Day this year. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

24 hrs. in my life

At the suggestion of Jennie, I documented a fairly typical day in my life. This particular day was Nov.20, 2008. I assure you, it wasn't as boring as it may look. The night before began with only 1 child in our room, the morning begins with 3.Jared spends a few minutes getting a head start on work...
While Jack eats his breakfast.
It's only 6:41 AM,
but it's time for Jared to take Jack to school. (25 Min. drive)
By then beautiful Susannah is awake with her morning smiles!
Time for Mommy to get beutiful for the day! (I swear I took a dozen pictures before I got one I didn't look like a moron in)
Time for Ethan and Spencer to have breakfast and get ready for school!

My day for carpool!
Spencer takes a picture of himsel!
Arriving at school.
These are the kits that have taken me 3 months to put together. I help teach small groups in 1st grade 2-4 days a week phonemic awareness.
Next I go get the girls from my friend Amy's house! (Thanks for sitting Amy!)

Then, we dash off to dance for Olivia!
Susie gets a bottle in the car while we wait for Olivia at dance.
Then it's home to get some chores done. Like the basement. Ughhhh! (babysteps, babysteps, babysteps...)
Now why would a girl be this happy?
Because it's time to go to Target!!! (I had intended to do a whole post on our NEW Target. It's only been open a month, and I've already spent a year's worth of money there. Hooray for no more 25 minute trips to Target!)
The beautiful, Waconia Target.
Olivia is so happy with her snack!
The view from the top of the hill coming to our house. (We're the yellow one in the middle)
Time to change the baby's stinky diaper! (I spared you that picture)
Time for naps!
My gourmet lunch, eaten while on the computer, and checking my to do list for the rest of the day.
Time to wrap the present bought at Target for Ethan's party after school! (I only did that because he was going straight there. I'm normally a very strict "do it yourself" type of mom)
Back in the Mormon mobile.
Back to the school
Picking up the Dibs freeezers from the fundraiser the night before!
After school snack. Very healthy, of course.
I suppose I better do last night's dinner, and this mornings' breakfast dishes before I start dinner.
But in the meantime, Spencer gets to make cupcakes for a cub scout requirement. He gets to bring the pack meeting treat!
What a cook!
Finally sitting down for dinner!
Then everyone dashes off to pack meeting! (Susie and I stay home)
Unfortunately, a tray of cupcakes doesn't survive the mad dash out the door. Good thing we have a freezer full of ice cream.
Unfortunately, the dishes didn't disappear as fast as my helpers.
This is how I looked by the time the dishes were done.
Fold a "quick" load of laundry...
Put the girls in bed...

And fall asleep before the boys get back home!
I can't believe I get to get up and do this all again tomorrow!