Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Break - A belated report, part 2

Our whole Spring Break adventure got kicked into high gear when Uncle D and Aunt S invited and Jack and Spencer to be companions for Lucas on their trip to So Cal.

Until about a year ago, D & S were "empty nesters", and even though they're super fun to be around, they're not necessarily going to go on "Tower of Terror" with a 13 year old. Everyone knows you really need someone to squeeze when you are in the throws of terror, and who better than your tween-age cousins? Plus, Jack and Spence got to see their cousin Matt, fresh home from his mission, and Amanda, busy working pro in SoCal. How could we say no?

So, even though Ethan and Liv were super jealous, we put them on a plane (all by themselves!) and sent them on their way. (It is also fair to say, I was extremely jealous myself)

Jack was good about "texting" me all the details of their adventure, and the couple times we did call, they sounded so tired they could barely speak. Awesome.

Doesn't it just thrill your heart to see your kids having so much fun?! MUCHAS GRACIAS to Uncle D and Aunt S!!!! "Next year, in the Holy Land!"

What good lookin' young men! Waiting in line for "Nemo"
Being "Goofy"
Getting Sick
As it turns out, Spencer's not a big fan of "Tower of Terror", but he did find some rides he liked.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Break - A belated report, part 1

Even though Spring Break was a month ago, I figured I'd fill everyone in on the details!
Last year, I swore that no matter what we were going to get out of this frozen tundra for spring break! (However, getting pregnant and being due in FEBRUARY, it pretty much demolishes that.) However, as bad as not getting out was going to be, the idea of being cooped up in the house with all the kids for a week, 4 weeks postpartum, was even worse. So we devised a plan.

We split everyone up, a 3 part plan. Part A of the plan was Olivia's "trip". She was to stay home with Mom, Susie, and Reed, and have a special "Shopping and Pampering trip", full of her favorite things, shopping for clothes and "manicures". (Thanks to Aunt Shauna for introducing her to nail polish...) I arranged for a sitter for Susannah for a couple of afternoons, and we took off to the Mall of America one day, and to Target and our local Korean establishment another! In between were playdates with friends that included cupcake-baking, screaming on the swingset (not sure why...), and watching "Rapunzel Barbie" (yes, it's just as painful as it sounds.)

First, a "fashion show, of our outfits from Target...

Lovely manicure! (note the flowers on the thumbs...)
The American Girl Store is like, miniature female nirvana...
Everything you could think of, even a special hook for Julie in the restroom. (Why don't they have these for REAL babies?!)
Really, how happy (and spoiled) can a girl be?
Mommy needs a coke to keep up with it all. (Note my own lovely manicure, my first ever I might note.)

I have to say we had a lovelytime, but Mommy was very, very tired after 2 1/2 days of this. (There's just no way shopping with a 4 week old is "pampering") But we made a lot of lovely memories!
Tomorrow, part 2- Jack and Spencer's California Adventure!

Friday, April 16, 2010

We're So Glad When Daddy Comes Home!

Six kids. Six days. Solo.

'nuff Said.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why I HATE "The Bachelor"

(Nothing personal Jake, I'm sure you're a very sweet spirit)

It is probably strange that I would blog about this because I haven't had cable TV for over 3 years. But I have seen a couple of minutes from a few episodes of the aforementioned TV "Reality" show, and I just couldn't refrain from venting about it.

I have come across several other blogs where people comment and dish on the latest episode, and it leaves me scratching my head. Is THIS what feminism has gotten us?

Why on earth would any halfway intelligent, beautiful, woman of CHARACTER, think that THIS is the best method of "catching a man"???? Let's see, I think I'll seclude myself in a mansion with other "beautiful, accomplished" women, tear them to shreds in the cattiest of ways, then try to figure out how to dress and act more slutty, I mean, seductively, than they do, so "He will pick ME".

And of course, what a peach he must be. Poor guy. Just can't figure out which girl he'd really like to "commit" to. This one has such great legs, and this one such great "t...eeth", but this one told a funny joke, etc. etc. etc. But they're all such really good kissers...hmmm. Life is really, really so hard. Especially when you're living in mansions, taking limos and helicopters on dates, and eating sushi in the hot tub. The fire of adversity is really the best place to evaluate the future mother of your children, I see.

How did feminism go from telling stay at home moms like me I'm "undervaluing myself", to turning women into desperate, catty, prostituting, objects of desire?

Who is really "liberated" here? Seems to me we've given "The Bachelor" a better life than ever!

New Life

This sweet little flower bloomed in my front yard last week. I was so happy I could have cried. Springtime has finally come to Minnesota. And, an early spring at that.

I feel I can relate to this little flower. For the last 9 months or so I have felt like an gnarly little bulb, stuck in some deep, dark, cold place. All alone, trying desperately to make something beautiful. No matter how much effort I put into what was happening deep within me, I was helpless to speed up the process, to bring it to light, to let the both of us feel the warmth of the sun that would come. No, I just had to wait. I had to wait while the winds howled and the ice paralyzed.

But then one day, it was time. I have finally been freed from the confines of "bulb-ness". I can feel the warmth of the sun. My work is done, my flower is here. I have a beautiful new bloom bursting with color and beauty. I can breathe in its beautiful scent. I feel light, and open, and happy to welcome any who pass my way.

I look on my garden and feel grateful. Privileged to have nurtured 6 little bulbs, and relieved the dark days of winter are past.

What a glorious thing Spring is!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Peeps

My Peeps have spoken.

Continue blogging, I will.

My Peeps need me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

As far as Easters go, this one's been a keeper! It was a balmy 64 degrees complete with an OUTDOOR Easter egg hunt, enough chocolate to make us all sick for days, and a stay-at-home-Sunday to watch General Conference.

p.s. I know my postings have been infrequent, but if anyone still reads this, a comment to let me know you're there would be appreciated. My vanity would like to think there are people I know who find me interesting, but if not, I should probably consider retiring from my wildly successful blogging career. (The advertisers are weeping at the revenue they would lose I'm sure)