Thursday, June 10, 2010

End of Middle (school, that is)

My congratulations to Jack for surviving 7th grade MUCH better than I did.

I was very relieved to see that his teachers apparently know him well enough to honor him with a truly appropriate (while not entirely somber) award. If you can't read it, it says "Most likely to be Constantly Moving". Amen.

I was even more relieved to see that even if his report card grade doesn't reflect it and his attitude is not entirely positive, he IS managing to learn some Latin, as evidenced by a "Certificate of Merit" on the National Latin Examination. (Woohoo!) He officially now has a subject I can no longer help him study for!

And for your amusement, Jack shared with me some of his favorites from his Art Teachers "Quote Wall". As I'm sure you imagine, any Middle School teacher has to have a great sense of humor to keep sane. Mr. Kamarath keeps himself in a mirthful way by keeping a list of his favorite things actual students have said. (Some of the below may or may not have been contributed by Jack himself)

"Hey, it's like a rainbow without the colors!"
"Stop being egoistic!"
"I want to be the first president of the United States when I grow up."
"I need a bland-aid."
"They make ten dollar bills?"
"Your hair sounds Jamaican."
"Ouch, I just painted myself."
"I meant the flavor was 'white'."
"I get itchy when I lawn the mow."

And my personal favorite:
"Girls can tell colors just by looking at them."