Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Book Club

I should be doing a sink full of dishes, and cleaning up the tornado that swept through my children's prison, I mean bedrooms, upstairs during book club.
Instead, I am blogging.
Just had to say we had a delightful book club tonight. (Our neighborhood ladies) The book was "A long way from Chicago" and the sequel, "A year down yonder" by Richard Peck. Very, very delightful read. Lighted hearted, funny and poignant.
The book inspired the evening's treats (hence the dishes).
Fresh, hot, fluffy biscuits and jam, prohibition era sasparilla, chicago hot dogs (okay, lil' smokies) and homeade apple pie. Of course we had some veggies "from Grandma Dowdels garden" to keep our figures in check... We even "churned" our own butter in a mason jar to spread on the biscuits.
See, book club without wine CAN be fun!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

No, I'm not dead.

Just boring. Every night as I lay in bed I think of these very clever posts I am going to type up and write, and then the next morning comes and my wit (assuming it was actually witty...) has left me completely. In fact, my mind is nothing but a blank canvas that is quickly splattered with that days to do list, and then weeks go by with nothing posted.
But the good news is, we did get an awesome new camera! So soon, (ahem) I can post some super cute pictures, sowing the seeds of resentment from my oldest 4 children about "How come you didn't take cute pictures of me, like these four hundred you took of Susannah?"
Just doing my part to keep counselors employed in our future economy.