Friday, September 17, 2010

What?! I have a blog?

Since my last blog post:
I have turned one year older
My oldest child became taller than me
Reed sprouted 2 teeth (a nighttime bonding ritual I can't imagine missing someday)
Susannah became hyper (usually cute, but not when she screams "for fun")
I crawled across the end-0f-summer finish line and sent 4 of them back to school, most notably, on a bus. yipee!

I also realized:
I'm getting better with age
even if my thighs aren't.
Being crafty is not now, and never will be, part of my soul.

And the metaphor I've been saving for weeks is:

Having 6 children makes you feel like the ball in an old-fashioned pin ball machine. You know, where you are constantly pinging around the board with lights, and bells, and chaos until you sink down the hole. Then 2 seconds later you get shot out of the start position to do it all again.

But its fun, even if it is crazy.