Friday, April 17, 2009

Seeing Red. (Or Pink?)

I believe I have officially encountered my first genuine Mother/Daughter impasse.

Olivia wants her room pink. Not just one wall either. ALL of them. She has (solid) pink curtains, bedspread, and chair. Even with white walls there is already healthy does of pink in there.

Now, I will never be accused of being a decorator. Heaven knows my house could use some professional help. (I've still got a large stack of framed pictures, waiting to be hung, leaning against my bedroom wall. We moved in 18 mos. ago) This being said, it is the deepest, secret yearning of my heart to have my house (or at least one room in it) be just truly, deeply, beautiful. I would also settle for one that looks finished.

I am probably closer to getting the girls room to have a shot goal at that than any other in the house. But we are at a cross roads.

I am normally a very, "whatever" type of mom when it comes to this sort of thing. If my ego was truly tied up in my decor, I would have some. But I have seen too many hideously pink bedrooms to hand this one over. I can't stand walking into a bottle of pepto-bismol. I may not know much about decorating, but I do know, more is NOT better when it comes to pink. The budget doesn't allow for a change of bedding, curtains, and chair to offset the rest.

So, I am looking for advice. Tips on why I should change my mind and go with it, how to "do" all pink (the decorator way), or a lecture on how not giving in on this one will permanently damage my child. Even a pep talk telling me to forget her wants and just go with mine, she'll get over it. (hint- that's the one I'll like the best)

I really am thinking I should have just done it all for her. BEFORE she got an opinion.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Living the Dream

For anyone who has ever questioned whether there really are glorious gifts within us all, check this out! Made my day. Reawakened sensitivity to how I judge others. (Let's hope it sticks)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I have eaten way. too. much. It's been awesome. Hope your day was as happy as ours!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Worthy Young Padowan

As most of you are aware, we recently took a trip to California. It was delightful. As I don't have time to document our entire trip tonight, I thought I would (finally) tease with one of the highlights of our trip.
Disneyland now has a "Jedi Training Academy", and Ethan wanted in BIG TIME. After failure to be chosen the first day, and 2 hours of tears and pouting after that, we went back the second day resolved to be "the chosen one". There were 6 shows that day, and thankfully we only had to sit through 1 to get picked. (I think the sign definitely helped)
As you can see, Ethan survived his encounter with Darth Maul, who was for sure "more harder than Vadar" to beat. Good thing we had all that light saber practice at home...
Don't you just love 6 year old boys?