Friday, May 30, 2008


Elizabeth Damiano is here!

May 28th, 2008 at 11:29PM.

7lbs 5oz and 18 1/2 inches long.


More to come....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another broken "promise"

I apologize for not posting a picture. Long story, I couldn't find the electronic device necessary to connect my camera to the computer.

I had intended to do a lot of things today. For example, post a picture of me all glowing and perfectly coiffed as we arrived at the hospital to deliver baby #5! Next I intended to post a picture of aforementioned baby NEXT to that picture. Alas, the "on again, off again" thing with this pregnancy continues....

The good news is, she appears to be healthy, and unlike 24 hours ago, head DOWN in the launch position. Bad news, she failed her amnio and her lungs are not developed enough to deliver, even if I am 38 1/2 weeks. Also, I now get to call pretty much everyone I've ever met and tell them, uh, no, we HAVEN'T "had that baby yet", all those appointments etc. I canceled today and tomorrow, even some next week, they're back ON again. In fact, I may go all the way to June 2nd now, even if MIL leaves on June 5th.

SOOOOO, in the spirit of gratitude, here is a list of things to be GLAD about today:

1. She appears to be healthy, just not fully cooked. (My womb is no convection oven)
2. Jared got the day off.
3. Someone else is still bringing dinner.
4. I got to go to a 'kid free' lunch with Jared.
5. I got to forget my diabetes rules last night and this morning and gorge on glorious, non- complex carbs.
6. I am using my MIL as a babysitter this weekend so I can go to a hotel with Jared and do NOTHING but relax.
6. My regular Dr. will be back in town for the delivery. (We think....)
7. After months of not, I found the motivation to shave my legs this morning.
8. I can finish the basement before she gets here


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ok, so it's been an inexcuseably long time since I posted. It just seems that everytime I think about it I am far too tired to do it, or so crabby that I'm scared I'll come off like the raving madwoman I am. But, feeling both tired and crabby, here's an update.

The first, most urgent news on my mind is the latest from my Dr. appt. I am now 37 1/2 weeks, and for the last 3 weeks he has told me that between the diabetes and the baby being breech for a while (no longer, thanks to a not-pain-free turning) that I would be induced by the 24th of May. (Saturday of Memorial Day weekend) He assured us that he was working that weekend and that we could safely buy my mother in law's plane ticket for that date.

Well, apparently, his schedule changed. Now, things look SO good with the baby and me, that they will NOT induce until FIVE days later, on the 29th of May.

Sooo, it looks like we can all just "hang out" and wait for the baby while MIL is here. Please, don't try to console me with "maybe you'll go early" type sentiments. My womb is apparently like the Ritz Carlton, and each baby is extremly resistant to leaving, even being 10 days late and drugged with pitocin. Besides, I'll be 39 weeks at that time anyway, so that already IS early.

Just not as early as I'd finally allowed myself to believe. You know how it is when you've promised your kids something, and promised, and promised, and then when it comes time to deliver (no pun intended) you realize, "Oh, crap, this really WON'T work today!" and you have to tell them so? You know that fit you see them throw? Well, that's me today.

Lucky for Jared he's been out of town for 3 of the last 4 weeks. Pregnancy and I just do NOT like each other much the last 4 weeks.