Monday, October 25, 2010

If you give a Reed a cupcake....

He'll want some Daddy to go with it...

A boy after my own heart.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes I completely impress myself.

And then I have a normal day.

Like one where at least 1 of my children has kept me from sleeping through the night, or I have to leave the house. Or someone is sick. Or it's not a full moon. You get the idea.

But sometimes, I do a really great job. And then I feel great about myself. And then I think how much better I must be than somebody else. So the Lord grants me a normal day again.

And I get over it.

Until I pray desperately for some sense of relief, or the ability to do more than it seems I think I possibly can, and I manage to pull off something pretty awesome again.

Obviously, today was more along the lines of normal. But that's ok. I'm due for an impressive day within a week or so. So when I post about it, don't be intimidated. (In case that's an issue for you)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dappled Apples!

For the first time since we moved to MN, we managed to get to the apple orchard!
I looooove going to pick apples. It just feels so "Fall-y". Not to mention, the apples make the BEST apple pie filling, which I make and freeze for later. I am very, very picky about my apple pie. If I'm going to blow 600 calories on a slice, it had better be up to snuff. So I make my own.

I would can my pie filling if I knew how. I keep hearing it's easy, but I can never bring myself to invest in the equipment to do it. The apple orchard manages to get a larger chunk of my cash than I always plan for to blow any more money on jars. Besides, if our power goes out here in the winter, I can stick it in the back yard to keep. Assuming it makes it past Christmas anyway.
So here are a few pics of our adventure! It even amazes me to see how big my own kids are getting, scary!
Even with the shadow, he looks cute!

Something about "Monkey's swingin' from a tree..." comes to mind...

I'm wondering if my lips have always looked crooked when I smile?

The biggest apples were up really high, so Jack had to help. I think this may be the last year he gets on his Dad's shoulders!
Olivia was happy to help as well.
Reed was just chillin'