Sunday, April 15, 2012

My life should be a beach

Spring break for us has always been a bit pathetic. We've taken trips to Chicago, where there was a massive blizzard, had "stay-cations" (in Minnesota, where spring comes about 6 weeks after spring break), and "divided and conquered" to try and have a pseudo-vaction, but nothing like this year. This year, Spring Break sprung in a most marvelous fashion .

It just so happened that Jared had "meetings" in Hilton Head, SC the few days prior to spring break, so we arranged for our children to get sick (miss school) so we could head up and meet him, and carry into the weekend. I must say, staying on the beach for free melted quite a bit of my resentment for those hard earned Marriott points.
Simply put, I now realize if there is one serious flaw with my life thus far, it is that far too little of it has been spent at the beach. (Something I have every intention of remedying in the future)
The beach at Hilton head was full of sunshine, friendly people, soft sand, and not too cold water. (It was free from stinky seaweed, scary riptides, skulking panhandlers, freezing water, and drug needles.)
Basically, it was perfect. I told Jared he needs to get a job on the island and we'll call it home forever. We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, here are more photos of my bliss.
(It would be keen of you to observe that napping babies are placed immediately after the word "bliss")
Sea Shells
(As a humorous post script: Jared observed how relaxed I was on vacation, and had the nerve to ask why I wasn't like that at home.)


Financial Aid for College said...

After a wild week of sewing India's Prom dress, I finally get back to my blog favorites!

You all look WONDERFUL! You, personally look a tad sunburned, but beautiful as ever. What adorable sand babies! Especially sleeping! Yes, you need a lot more of that kind of life!

Financial Aid for College said...

And my name is not "Financial Aid for College!" I don't know how to get rid of that! It's LORIE!

Jacob and Robin Hall said...

Looks like so much fun!!! I'll definitely have to come visit next time!